Spin Cycle


Spin cycling is a great form of exercise. As a low-impact aerobic activity, it can provide a wide range of health benefits, with low stress on joints. Cycling indoors on stationary spin bikes also provides a safer environment for exercise without the worry of road traffic and inclement weather.

At Kirksanton Village Hall we now have 2 spin bikes for people to use to maintain or increase their fitness. Why not have a go? It can be great fun and it is easy to get started.

  • As a first time user, you will need to contact Peter Clark to arrange a short introductory session. You can do this by phoning Peter on 01229 774804.
  • Once this has been completed you can book your own sessions via the Kirksanton Village Hall website. The hourly rate covers the use of both bikes.
  • Your biking experience can be enhanced by linking your smartphone/laptop to our projector system. A variety of videos are available on Youtube, which caters for beginners, where you can ‘cycle through beautiful countryside in countries across the world’, or, for the very fit, use more intense spin cycling sessions.

For your health and safety please take note

  • The sessions are not instructor-led, and, as you may be alone in the building we recommend you bike with a buddy. It’s safer in case of mishaps, and it’s more fun.  If you are exercising alone you (i) must have a mobile device to call for assistance if required and (ii) must have an emergency contact who knows about your spin cycling session. Please be aware that you are responsible for your own safety.


  • COVID 19 rules must be adhered to. No users should attend the hall if they or their household are suffering from COVID 19 symptoms. Alcohol hand gel must be used on entering the village hall, all touchpoints on the spin bikes must be wiped down before and after use with the cleaning products provided, windows and/or patio doors must be opened to ensure good ventilation.

  • Just one last thing. Please check with your doctor that this activity is safe for you if you have an underlying health condition.


Now everything is in place for you to start.  HAPPY CYCLING!!

spin Cycle